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What is the difference between a low net empty hand pulled gourd and a regular gourd

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What is the difference between a low net empty hand chain hoist and a lifting hoist that needs to be lifted in a spacious area?

Hand chain hoists and low clearance hoists are both types of lifting hoists, but their working environments have significant differences. In addition to their structure, the two also have other differences.

Firstly, the appearance is different. Hand pulled gourds belong to the slim and long type, while low clearance gourds belong to the short and wide type. According to modern people's aesthetic view that thinness is beautiful, hand pulled gourds are like a handsome guy, while low clearance gourds are like an ordinary person.

Secondly, the homework environment is different, as explained earlier.

Thirdly, the colors are different. The colors of chain hoists are quite diverse, and some of the different components of chain hoists have different colors. However, low clearance hoists mostly have two colors, with fewer colors, but they are very convenient to use.

The above is an introduction to the differences between hand chain hoists and low net empty hand chain hoists. There will be many differences between different lifting hoists, and we need to analyze them in detail before using them.

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