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Can low net empty hand chain hoists be used in mining operations

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Low net empty hand chain hoist is a lifting hoist used for lifting work in low and low spaces. However, the mine is located underground and the internal space in some mining areas is limited. Can low net empty hoist be used for lifting work?

We often use mineral resources in our daily lives and work. Mineral resources are one of the essential resources for our survival and development, but there is a certain degree of danger in mineral development. Low clearance hoists are lifting hoists that can be used for lifting work in low and low spaces, but cannot be used in hazardous environments. They also have environmental requirements.

Firstly, low clearance hoists should not be lifted in flammable and explosive places. The low clearance hoist needs to be lifted and lifted on the I-beam. During operation, sparks will be generated at the connection between the low clearance hoist and the I-beam.

Secondly, low clearance hoists should not be lifted in places with high humidity.

Mining operations cannot use low clearance hand chain hoists for lifting work. Before using hand chain hoists, we need to first check the characteristics of the lifting environment and allocate suitable lifting tools.

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