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Low net empty chain hoists should do a good job in sun protection

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It's mid April now, and May Day is coming soon. Summer is approaching. When using low net empty hand chain hoists for lifting work, it's important to do a good job of sun protection for the hand chain hoists.

Low clearance hoists are often lifted in low and low spaces, and sometimes in open outdoor areas. Before lifting, it is necessary to prepare the hand chain hoist for sun protection.

Firstly, avoid carrying out lifting work under sunlight. The sunshine is relatively warm this season. If lifting work is carried out directly under the sunlight, it will not only affect people's visibility, but also affect their work efficiency.

Secondly, during maintenance and storage, place the chain hoist in a cool and dry place.

The sun contains a lot of ultraviolet rays, and in summer, the sun is warmer, with higher temperatures and longer exposure time. When lifting, it is necessary to avoid direct contact between low clearance gourds and sunlight for a long time.

The above is a brief introduction to doing a good job in sun protection for low net empty hand chain hoists. We hope it is helpful to you. If you need it, please call us for consultation or visit the website to view related products.

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