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Can there be debris around the hanging point of the electric hoist in the shopping mall

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The main function of the electric hoist motor protector is to ensure the safety and stability of the motor during operation. The following are some main stages or functions of electric hoist motor protectors:

Overcurrent protection: When the electric hoist motor is overloaded or the circuit malfunctions causing excessive current, the overcurrent protection device will immediately cut off the power supply to protect the electric hoist motor from overload damage or accidental hazards such as fire.

Overload protection: When the electric hoist motor is overloaded, the overload protection device will limit its operating time to prevent damage to the motor due to prolonged overload. This is usually achieved through protective components such as thermal relays. When an overload fault occurs on the main circuit, the output contacts act to cut off the control circuit, disconnect the main circuit, and protect the main electrical appliances.

Phase failure protection: The phase failure protection device can detect faults such as phase loss or short circuit in the motor circuit of the electric hoist, automatically cut off the power supply to protect the electric hoist motor from damage. This protective device can respond quickly in the event of a malfunction, improving the safety of the use of electric hoists.

Limit protection: When the running parts reach the limit position, the limit protection will cut off the running contactor or switch the running direction to protect the moving parts and motor. This is usually achieved by using a travel switch as a protective element.

Reverse phase protection: The reverse phase protection device is the protector of the power supply. When the power supply is connected incorrectly, the electric hoist will automatically control the circuit to protect the motor from burning out, avoiding motor damage caused by improper human operation.

Leakage protection: In the event of a leakage fault in a circuit or electrical appliance, the leakage protection device will disconnect the main air switch to protect personal safety. This is usually achieved through residual current circuit breakers as protective components.

Overvoltage and undervoltage protection: When the power supply voltage is too high or too low, the overvoltage and undervoltage protection devices will act to protect the safety of the electrical appliances.

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