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How much grease should be applied to the wire rope electric hoist

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The amount of lubricating grease required for electric hoists used in shopping centers may vary depending on the type, tonnage, and specific usage conditions of the electric hoist. Here are some general guidelines for adding lubricating grease to electric hoists:

Wire rope electric hoist: For wire rope electric hoist, the amount of lubricating grease added is usually determined based on the lifting tonnage. For example, for model CD1 The MD1 lifting reducer requires 0.2 liters of lubricating grease for a 0.25 ton electric hoist, 0.75 liters for a 0.5 ton hoist, 0.75 liters for a 1 ton hoist, 1.5 liters for a 2 ton hoist, 1.7 liters for a 3 ton hoist, 2.5 liters for a 5 ton hoist, and 3 liters for both 10 and 16 ton hoists.

HC/HM wire rope electric hoist: For HC/HM models of electric hoists, 16 ton, 26 ton, and 25 ton ones all require 10 liters of lubricating grease, while 32 ton ones require 15 liters and 50 ton ones require 25 liters.

Lubricating grease type: For wire rope electric hoists, calcium based lubricating grease is generally used. The initial drop temperature of this lubricating grease is between 70 ℃ -90 ℃, and its penetration degree below 25 ℃ is 190-360. The moisture content should be less than 3%, and it may contain mineral lubricating oil of less than 30%.

Addition time: The addition time of lubricating grease is usually once every three months, but for specific components such as wire ropes and drums, more frequent lubrication may be required, such as once a week.

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