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Common faults of electric hoists sparks generated by closed magnetic starter

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The common fault of sparks generated by closed magnetic starters in electric hoists may involve multiple aspects. Here are some possible reasons and solutions:

1、 Fault cause analysis

poor contact:

Contact issue: Poor contact or presence of dirt, oxides, etc. inside the closed magnetic starter can cause sparks when current passes through.

Loose wiring: If the wiring between the starter and external circuits is loose or not tightened properly, it may also cause sparks when current passes through.

Electrical component damage:

Contact erosion: Long term use or overload operation may cause contact erosion, thereby reducing its conductivity and generating sparks.

Aging of insulation materials: If the insulation materials inside the starter are aged or damaged, they may not be able to effectively isolate current, leading to short circuits or sparks.

Electromagnetic interference:

In some cases, electromagnetic interference may cause abnormal operation of electrical components inside the starter, resulting in sparks.

Improper operation:

Frequent starting or stopping of the electric hoist, as well as operating under inappropriate loads, may cause excessive impact on the closed magnetic starter, leading to sparks.

2、 Solution

Regular inspection and maintenance:

Regularly inspect the closed magnetic starter, including the contact condition of the contacts, whether the wiring is tight, and the condition of the insulation material.

Clean the dirt and oxides on the contact surface to ensure good contact.

Replace damaged components:

Once damage such as contact erosion or aging of insulation materials is found, relevant components should be replaced in a timely manner to avoid further damage and safety hazards.

Optimize operating environment:

Reduce the impact of electromagnetic interference sources on the closed magnetic starter and ensure its operation in a good electromagnetic environment.

Correct operation:

Follow the operating procedures of the electric hoist to avoid frequent starting and stopping, as well as operating under inappropriate loads.

3、 Precautions

Before carrying out any maintenance or component replacement, be sure to cut off the power and wait for the equipment to completely stop running.

Use appropriate tools and materials for maintenance work to ensure repair quality and safety.

If unsure how to repair or replace components, please consult a professional or contact the equipment manufacturer for assistance.

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