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Several situations of deformation of hand chain hoist accessories

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The deformation of hand chain hoist accessories may be caused by various factors. The following are some common deformation situations and their causes analysis:

1、 Hook deformation


During the lifting process, the hook experiences plastic deformation due to excessive tensile or bending forces.

Long term use or overloading can cause fatigue and gradual deformation of the hook material.

Improper operation, such as diagonal pulling, side hanging, and other non-standard usage methods, may also cause deformation of the hook.

Handling measures:

Regularly check the shape and size of the hook to ensure that it meets the requirements for use.

When deformation is found, the entire hook group should be replaced in a timely manner or the hook should be replaced separately to avoid safety hazards caused by continued use.

2、 Deformation of lifting chain


Long term use or overloading can cause wear, elongation, or distortion of the chain links.

The use of chains in knotting and twisting situations can also accelerate their deformation.

Handling measures:

Regularly inspect the wear and deformation of the chain to ensure its strength and stability.

When deformation of the chain is found, the chain or the entire hook group should be replaced in a timely manner to avoid accidents caused by chain breakage.

3、 Shell deformation


The shell is deformed due to compression or impact during the lifting process.

Long term use or improper maintenance may also lead to aging and deformation of the cover material.

Handling measures:

During operation, be careful to avoid the cover from being compressed or impacted.

Regularly inspect the integrity and shape of the casing, and promptly replace the casing or the entire hook assembly if deformation is found.

4、 Other accessories deformed

In addition to hooks, lifting chains, and casings, other accessories of the chain hoist, such as sprockets and brakes, may also undergo deformation. These deformations are usually caused by long-term use, overloading, or improper operation.

5、 Preventive measures

Standardized use: Follow the manual and operating procedures of the chain hoist to avoid overloading and non-standard use.

Regular inspection: Regularly inspect and maintain the hand chain hoist and its accessories to ensure they are in good working condition.

Timely replacement: When deformation or damage is found to accessories, they should be replaced in a timely manner to avoid safety accidents.

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