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Correct installation and debugging of the detailed version of the electric hoist before use

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The correct installation and debugging of electric hanging baskets are crucial steps to ensure their safe and efficient operation. The following is a detailed installation and debugging guide for electric hanging baskets before use:

1、 Correct installation of electric hanging baskets


Check accessories: Before installation, carefully check whether all accessories of the electric suspension basket are complete and ensure that important components such as the motor and control box are not damaged.

Reading the instruction manual: Before installing the equipment, it is necessary to read the product manual to understand the working principle, structural characteristics, safety operating procedures, etc. of the equipment.

Training operators: Train operators to familiarize them with equipment operation methods and safety precautions, and they are not allowed to operate without training.

Installation steps

Fixed bracket: Place the electric hanging basket flat on the ground and fix it to the ground with screws to ensure its stability and reliability.

Assemble the main body: Connect the main frame to the bracket, ensuring that all connections are firm and reliable.

Installation of lifting mechanism: Install lifting mechanism components such as motor, brake, reducer, and steel wire rope to ensure correct installation and flexible operation of each component.

Connect power and control lines: Connect the power and control lines according to the electrical schematic and conduct electrical testing to ensure the electrical system is functioning properly.

Install safety protection equipment: Install safety belts, limit switches, and other safety protection equipment to ensure that the equipment has necessary safety protection measures during operation.

Adjusting the counterweight: Adjust the weight and position of the counterweight iron according to the equipment requirements, ensuring that the torque at the counterweight end is three times that of the electric hanging basket end.

Inspection and acceptance

Functional inspection: Conduct a functional inspection on the electric hanging basket to ensure that the hoist, safety lock, and other equipment are operating normally without any jamming.

Joint acceptance: Organize the hanging basket manufacturer, on-site technical personnel, production personnel, and machine operators to conduct joint acceptance together, focusing on controlling the installation position of the hanging basket, the assembly of the structure, counterweight, safety rope, safety lock, and the flexibility and integrity of electrical devices.

2、 Debugging of Electric Hanging Basket

Inspection before power on

Carefully inspect all parts of the hanging basket, and if they do not meet the requirements, they should be corrected immediately.

Electrical system debugging

Press the emergency stop button on the electrical box, disconnect the air switch inside the box, and connect the power (pay attention to the correct connection of the neutral and ground wires).

Close the air switch inside the electrical box, reset the emergency stop button, and turn on the electrical system after the indicator light is on.

Press the up and down buttons respectively, thread the working steel wire rope and safety steel wire rope into the hoist and safety lock, and check whether the lifting basket rises or descends smoothly.

Functional debugging

Rotate the conversion switch to the left or right to achieve the operation of the single end hoist, and check if the single end hoist is running normally.

Turn the transfer switch to the middle position, press the contacts of each travel switch, and check if the alarm bell is sounding and if the basket cannot rise but can descend. After releasing the travel switch contact, the basket should return to normal.

After starting the hanging basket, press the emergency stop button during the operation of the hoist to check if the motor has stopped running. After resetting the emergency stop button, the motor should be able to continue running.

Horizontal adjustment and testing

Lift the basket about 0.5 meters above the ground and check if the basket is level. If there is a noticeable tilt, adjust the level of the basket by adjusting the transfer switch and the jog up or down button.

Raise the suspended basket to a height of about 3 meters above the ground for horizontal adjustment and test the safety lock function. Operate one end of the suspended basket to slowly lower and observe if the basket body stops descending within an inclination of 8 degrees. If it cannot be stopped, it is necessary to adjust the installation hole position of the safety lock guide wheel or the installation position of the safety lock.

Run the basket back and forth 3-5 times within a 3-meter journey, and check for any abnormal sounds from the hoist, obvious horizontal tilting at both ends of the basket, and any abnormal phenomena such as ignition or smoke from various components inside the electrical box during the lifting, lowering, and stopping processes. If there are any abnormalities, the cause must be identified and eliminated before continuing to use.

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