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Several requirements for personnel in the safe operation of wire rope electric hoists

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In the safe operation of wire rope electric hanging baskets (usually referred to as electric hanging baskets), the requirements for personnel are the key to ensuring smooth operation and ensuring personnel safety. The following are several key personnel safety operation requirements:

1、 Qualification and training requirements

Professional training and certification:

Operators must undergo specialized training to master the operation skills and safety knowledge of electric hanging baskets, and obtain relevant operation certificates through assessment. This is the foundation for ensuring that operators have the necessary skills and safety awareness.

The training content should include knowledge of equipment usage instructions, safety operating procedures, emergency handling, and other aspects.

Health conditions:

Operators must be physically healthy and have no diseases or physiological defects that are not suitable for working at heights, such as acrophobia, heart disease, etc.

Operators must be of legal age and have full civil capacity, and must not have excessive fatigue, emotional abnormalities, or other situations to avoid affecting work safety.

2、 Personal protective requirements

Wear personal protective equipment:

Operators must wear personal protective equipment, including helmets, seat belts, and anti slip shoes, before entering the suspended basket.

The self-locking device on the seat belt should be fastened to a separate and sturdy suspension safety rope fixed above the building (structure) to prevent personnel from falling.

The safety rope must be a qualified product from a reputable manufacturer and maintain elastic contact with the building during use to prevent wear and tear.

3、 Code of Conduct for Homework

Strictly follow the operating procedures:

Operators must strictly follow the operating procedures of the electric hanging basket and shall not engage in illegal or risky operations.

During the homework process, operators should maintain concentration and strictly prohibit behaviors such as playing, smoking, and drinking to avoid affecting work safety.

Reasonably allocate load:

Operators should allocate personnel and materials reasonably based on the rated load of the basket, and overloading the basket is strictly prohibited.

During the homework process, it is important to ensure that the load inside the basket is evenly distributed to avoid tilting or overturning.

Regular inspection and maintenance:

Operators should regularly check the integrity of the equipment of the electric hanging basket, including the suspension device, transmission device, safety lock, steel wire rope, etc., to ensure they are functioning properly.

When equipment malfunctions or abnormal situations are found, they should be immediately stopped from use and reported to relevant management personnel for handling.

4、 Emergency response capability

Familiarize oneself with emergency plans:

Operators should be familiar with the emergency plan and emergency handling process of electric hanging baskets, so that they can quickly take measures to protect their own safety in the event of an emergency.

Emergency shutdown and evacuation:

In case of emergency situations during the homework process (such as broken work wire ropes, tilted baskets, etc.), the operator should immediately stop the machine and evacuate the work platform. At the same time, report the accident situation to the on-site commander and relevant management personnel.

5、 Other safety requirements

Environmental adaptability:

Operators should understand the characteristics and potential hazards of the working environment, such as climate conditions, surrounding building conditions, etc., in order to take corresponding safety measures.

Team collaboration and communication:

When working together with multiple people, operators should maintain good communication and collaborative relationships to jointly ensure the safe and smooth progress of the operation.

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