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Different categories of explosion-proof chain hoists

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Explosion proof chain hoists can be classified into different categories based on their design, purpose, and explosion-proof level. The following is a clear classification and summary of different categories of explosion-proof chain cranes based on the information provided in the reference article:

1. Explosion proof level

DIIBT4 Level 3 Explosion Protection: Provides Level 3 Explosion Protection for specific flammable media and working environments.

DIICT4 Level 4 Explosion proof: Provides a higher level of explosion-proof protection, suitable for stricter flammable and explosive environments.

2. Structural form

Single beam type: The lifting range is usually between 0.5 and 20 tons, suitable for smaller working spaces and lighter lifting needs.

Double beam type: The lifting range can reach 5-160 tons, especially suitable for flat range material transportation with large suspension and lifting capacity. It has strong load-bearing capacity, large span, and good overall stability.

3. Driving method

Explosion proof electric hoist: Adopting explosion-proof motor and electrical system to ensure safe lifting of heavy objects in flammable and explosive environments.

Explosion proof winch trolley: equipped with an explosion-proof design winch mechanism, used to drive the chain for lifting operations.

4. Working principle

Explosion proof manual crane: Through manual operation, it can achieve the lifting of chains and the movement of heavy objects.

Explosion proof pneumatic crane: Using compressed air as the power source, it can lift heavy objects in an explosion-proof environment.

Explosion proof electric crane: Combining explosion-proof motor and control system to achieve electrically driven explosion-proof chain crane.

5. Specific models and types

LXB explosion-proof electric single beam suspension type: suitable for suspension installation, providing a single beam explosion-proof lifting solution.

LB explosion-proof electric single beam type: single beam structure, suitable for various explosion-proof lifting occasions.

LHB explosion-proof electric hoist bridge type: Combining the structure of electric hoist and bridge crane, it achieves bridge lifting function in explosion-proof environment.

6. Safety standards

All explosion-proof chain cranes must comply with relevant safety standards, such as GB3836.28-2020 "Electrical Equipment for Explosive Environments Part 4: Explosion proof Cranes and Their Accessories", to ensure the safety and reliability of equipment in explosion-proof environments.

7. Maintenance and upkeep

Explosion proof chain cranes require regular maintenance and upkeep during use, including lubrication, inspection of electrical systems, and inspection of wear and tear on components such as chains and hooks, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and extend its service life.

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