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Several reasons why explosion-proof electric hoists cannot continue to work

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There may be various reasons why the explosion protection electric hoist (explosion-proof electric hoist) cannot continue to work. Based on the information provided in the reference article, it can be summarized into the following aspects:

Electrical issues:

Power cord or control circuit disconnection: If the power cord or control circuit of the electric hoist is disconnected, the equipment will not be able to start. Check the power cord or control circuit of the equipment. If there is any damage or poor contact, repair or replace it.

Blown fuse: When the fuse in the control circuit is blown by abnormal current, the circuit will be disconnected. At this point, it is necessary to identify the cause of the blown fuse and replace it.

Phase error: The phase connection error of the device power line will activate the phase protection function and lock the startup program. It is necessary to switch between two power lines that are out of phase and unlock them before they can start up normally.

Mechanical issues:

Wear of steel wire rope: After using it for a period of time, the diameter of the steel wire rope may decrease or there may be wire breakage. At this time, a new rope should be replaced. The steel wire rope should be coated with rust proof lubricating grease (butter) every six months.

Pulley damage: The pulley on the drum should rotate flexibly and reliably. If cracks or other damages occur, they should be replaced with new parts in a timely manner.

Hook and brake issues: The hook nut should be tightened to prevent loosening and falling off, and the friction surface of the brake should be kept clean and free of oil stains.

Insufficient maintenance and repair:

Inadequate daily maintenance and upkeep: Failure to regularly inspect, lubricate, and clean the moving parts and transmission parts of the mechanism has resulted in dust, dirt, and other debris affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

Electrical circuit damage and leakage: Failure to regularly inspect electrical circuits leads to circuit damage and leakage, affecting equipment safety.

Failure of safety limit switch: Failure to inspect and refuel the safety limit switch resulted in the failure of the limit function, which may lead to safety accidents.

Explosion proof performance issues:

The design and manufacturing of explosion-proof electric hoists need to consider multiple aspects such as explosion-proof electrical equipment, metal components, organization, and components. If a certain part of them has problems, it may lead to a decrease in overall explosion-proof performance and even cause safety accidents.

Improper operation:

Failure to receive professional training or follow the operation and maintenance instructions by operators may result in equipment damage or malfunction.

Improper operations such as diagonal lifting or using it as a horizontal towing tool or lifting buried objects may also lead to equipment damage.

Environmental factors:

Working in harsh environments for a long time, such as high temperature, high humidity, corrosive gases, etc., may accelerate equipment aging and damage.

To ensure the continuous and stable operation of explosion-proof electric hoists, regular maintenance and repair should be carried out, strictly following the operation and maintenance instructions, and paying attention to the impact of environmental factors.

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