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Do electric hoists need to be disassembled and cleaned during installation

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Electric cranes usually do not require disassembly and cleaning during installation. But before, during, and after installation, there are some key preparations, precautions, and maintenance work to ensure the normal operation and long-term use of the electric crane.

Before installation

Inspection and preparation:

Carefully read the installation manual of the product, prepare and install according to the requirements.

Check if all components of the electric crane are intact, especially if there is any damage or deformation to the steel wire rope, hooks, and other components.

Ensure that the installation site has safety conditions, including no interference from other equipment and adequate safety protection measures.

Installation in progress

Assembly and connection:

Assemble the components such as track, beam, and drive mechanism according to the instructions.

Use professional tools to connect and secure various components.

Security measures:

For parts that require high-altitude operations, safety belts should be installed to ensure safety.

Strictly follow the operating procedures to ensure personnel safety.

After installation

Debugging and testing:

Connect the power and conduct debugging to test whether the various performance indicators of the electric crane meet the requirements.

Conduct a comprehensive inspection to ensure that all components are securely connected, electrical wiring meets standards, and all performance indicators meet requirements.


After installation, regular maintenance should be carried out, such as cleaning, lubrication, etc.

Pay special attention to the wear and tear of the steel wire rope, and replace the severely worn steel wire rope in a timely manner.

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