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What type of motor is commonly used for wire rope electric hoists

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For wire rope electric hoists, the commonly used types of motors include AC motors and DC motors. The following is a specific introduction to these two types of motors:

alternating current dynamo:

Types: Common AC motor models include YZR, YZRE, YZRW series, as well as YZ, YZR, YYZR, and YTSR series.


The rated power range is wide, ranging from 2.2kW to 710kW.

The rated voltage is generally 380V.

The rated current varies depending on the power of the motor, for example, the rated current range of the YZR series AC resistance starting motor is 13.5a~258a.

Suitable for various small to medium-sized cranes.

Type: AC motors can also be classified into asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, etc. based on the type of rotor. Among them, AC asynchronous motors are commonly used in cranes in China due to their simple structure, light weight, convenient use, high starting torque, and high efficiency.

DC motor:

Type: Common DC motor models include Z4 series and Z2 series.


DC motors have the characteristics of smooth operation, wide speed adjustment range, and good starting and braking performance.

The rated power range is large, for example, the rated power of the Z4 series DC motor can reach 2000kW.

Suitable for various large cranes, especially outstanding in applications that require precise control.

Attention: DC motors require specialized control equipment, complex calculations, and large electrode wear, making remote control difficult.

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