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Elaborate on the explosion-proof structure of explosion-proof electric hoists

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The explosion-proof structure of the explosion-proof electric hoist is designed to ensure safe and reliable operation of the equipment in working environments containing explosive mixtures of combustible gases, steam, and air. The following is a detailed explanation of the explosion-proof structure of the explosion-proof electric hoist:

1、 Main explosion-proof components and their functions

Explosion proof motor:

Type: Adopting explosion-proof conical rotor motor, it has the characteristic of generating axial magnetic pulling force.

Features: The electric motor utilizes axial magnetic pulling force and the action of springs and brake wheels to achieve starting and braking, ensuring stable operation in hazardous environments.

Explosion proof electrical control box:

Location: Installed on the left side of the reducer or on the opposite side of the running device and the motor.

Function: The power supply enters the box through a flexible cable type power inlet, and the control box is connected to the control button, limiter, and motor through cables to ensure the safety of electrical control.

Explosion proof flame arrester and rope guide:

Function: To prevent accidents such as hooks exceeding their limit position and steel wire rope stacking and loosening.

Working principle: When the hook reaches the upper or lower limit position, the rope guide moves the stop block, driving the limit rod to push the limit device to move, causing the motor to power off and stop rising or falling.

Explosion proof overload limiter (optional):

Function: A safety protection device to prevent overloading during lifting operations.

Working principle: When the lifting capacity reaches 95% of the rated load, it will automatically alarm, and when it reaches 105%, it will automatically cut off the power supply to achieve overload protection.

2、 Design characteristics of explosion-proof structures

Modular design: The explosion-proof electric hoist consists of several detachable components, which are very convenient to use, maintain, and repair, and can shorten the repair cycle.

High strength materials: The reducer gears and shafts are made of high-quality alloy steel, and the outer shell is made of high-quality cast iron, ensuring the durability of the equipment in harsh environments.

Explosion proof safety measures: Explosion proof motors, explosion-proof control boxes, and control buttons are all separate explosion-proof structures, effectively preventing explosion accidents caused by sparks, arcs, and other factors.

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