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Elaborate on the five requirements for using a lever gourd

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Firstly, it needs to be clarified that the term "lever Gourd" does not exist in common contexts and tool usage, and it may be due to an error in the vocabulary you mentioned. However, let me assume that you may be asking about the five usage requirements for a certain tool or equipment, especially those related to razors. As the reference articles mainly focus on the use of shavers, I will provide you with an explanation of five requirements for the use of electric shavers based on the content of these articles:

Five requirements for the use of electric shavers

Cleaning and preparation

Before using an electric shaver, make sure that the dirt and sebum on the skin have been thoroughly removed.

Wash face with warm water, soften beard and open pores to reduce discomfort during shaving.

If using shaving cream or soap, apply evenly to the beard area to provide lubrication and protect the skin.

Choose a suitable razor

Choose a suitable electric shaver based on personal skin type and needs, such as a wet dry or waterproof type.

Ensure that the razor blade is clean, regularly clean beard residue, and maintain optimal operation.

Correct shaving posture and angle

The angle of holding a razor should be adjusted according to different parts of the face.

For a reciprocating electric shaver, keep the shaver perpendicular to the skin at a 90 ° angle, and stretch the facial skin with the other hand, shaving against the direction of beard growth.

For a rotary electric shaver, the blade of the shaver should be placed against the face for a circular and circuitous motion.

Avoid excessive stimulation and damage

Do not apply too much force to avoid scratching the skin.

Avoid repeated scraping in the same area to prevent skin scratches and infections.

Pay attention to the heat generated by the shaver and avoid irritating the freshly shaved skin.

Post shaving care

After shaving, rinse the face with warm water to remove residual shaving cream and dead skin cells.

Use gentle skincare products for moisturizing and repairing to reduce dryness and tightness of the skin.

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