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Electric hoist Several reasons for brake shutdown and sliding

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The failure or sliding of the electric hoist brake may be caused by various reasons. The following are several possible reasons summarized based on reference articles and relevant knowledge:

Internal issues with the brake system:

In friction braking, insufficient friction between the brake disc and brake pads may be caused by brake pad wear, surface contamination of the brake disc, or excessive grease.

In electromagnetic braking, the electromagnetic force generated by the electromagnet is weakened, which may be due to damage to the electromagnetic coil, power supply issues, or wear of internal components of the electromagnet.

Control system malfunction:

The brake controller has malfunctioned, resulting in the inability to correctly control the direction of brake disc rotation and the pressure between the brake disc and the brake block.

Interruptions in control circuits, poor contact, or malfunction of overload protectors may result in incorrect transmission or execution of brake signals.

Mechanical component damage:

The coupling is damaged, causing the brake to be insensitive or unable to brake.

The spring is damaged or the nut is loose, causing the friction plate distance to be too long, which affects the braking effect.

Environmental factors and operational issues:

Dust, humidity, and other factors in the working environment may affect the performance of the braking system.

If the operator fails to operate the electric hoist according to the correct method or procedure, such as excessive use, frequent start stop, etc., it may lead to premature damage to the brake system.

Insufficient maintenance and inspection:

Regular maintenance and inspection of the brake system is crucial to ensuring its normal operation. Lack of necessary maintenance and inspection may lead to the accumulation of problems and ultimately result in brake failure.

For the above reasons, the following are some suggested solutions and preventive measures:

Regularly inspect the wear of the brake system and replace severely worn brake pads and discs in a timely manner.

Keep the brake system clean and avoid pollutants such as grease and dust from affecting brake performance.

Regularly check the status of the control circuit and brake controller to ensure their normal operation.

Pay attention to operating standards and avoid excessive use and frequent start stop.

Strengthen maintenance and inspection, and regularly invite professional personnel to conduct comprehensive inspections and maintenance on the electric hoist.

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