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What are the techniques for lifting heavy objects with a chain hoist

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When using a chain hoist to lift heavy objects, the main techniques and steps can be summarized as follows:

Preparation work:

Ensure that the chain crane is installed on a stable foundation to avoid tilting or shifting during operation.

Check if the chains, pulleys, hooks and other components of the chain crane are intact and free from damage or wear.

Assess the weight and size of heavy objects to ensure that the rated load of the chain crane meets the requirements.

Heavy lifting:

Use appropriate lifting equipment (such as slings, straps, etc.) to firmly connect the heavy object to the hook of the chain crane.

During the lifting process, it is important to maintain the stability of the heavy object and prevent it from swinging or rotating.

Slowly operate the lifting mechanism of the chain crane to smoothly lift the heavy object.

Operational techniques:

For manual chain cranes, operators need to control the lifting of the chain through the operating handle. During the lifting process, it is important to maintain the stability of the handle and avoid excessive force or sudden release.

For electric chain cranes, operators need to be familiar with the buttons and switches on the control panel to control the lifting of the chain through the buttons. At the same time, pay attention to the operation status of the motor and the tension of the chain to ensure smooth operation.

Safety precautions:

When operating a chain crane, strict adherence to safety operating procedures is necessary to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

During the lifting process, always pay attention to the condition of the heavy object to prevent it from falling off or tipping over.

If any abnormalities or malfunctions are found in the chain crane, the operation should be stopped immediately and professional personnel should be notified for maintenance in a timely manner.

Maintenance and upkeep:

Regularly maintain and upkeep the chain crane, check the wear and tear of each component, and replace damaged parts in a timely manner.

Keep the chain crane clean and dry to avoid corrosion and contamination.

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