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Explain the explosion-proof principle of explosion-proof electric hoist electrical equipment

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The explosion-proof principle of electrical equipment for explosion-proof electric hoists mainly involves the control of electric arcs, sparks, and overheating that may occur during processes such as electrical conduction and mechanical friction, in order to prevent these ignition sources from igniting explosive mixtures in the surrounding environment. The following is a detailed explanation of the explosion-proof principle of electrical equipment for explosion-proof electric hoists:

Electrical spark control:

Explosion proof electrical equipment: Explosion proof electrical equipment and cable wiring are used in the high-voltage equipment and circuits of explosion-proof electric hoists. For example, large and small vehicles, as well as lifting motors, electrical control cabinets, and main power switches, all use explosion-proof designs to ensure that flames do not spread to the external environment in the event of an internal explosion.

Increased safety electrical equipment: In the high-voltage equipment and circuits of explosion-proof hoists, wiring and distribution boxes, power switches, etc. adopt increased safety design to reduce the risk of explosion by adding safety factors.

Intrinsically safe electrical equipment: In weak current equipment and circuits equipped with overload devices in explosion-proof cranes, intrinsically safe explosion-proof electrical equipment such as signal overload devices are used. Intrinsically safe equipment is designed and manufactured to limit the heat and energy it generates, ensuring that it will not cause an explosion even in the event of a malfunction.

Mechanical spark control:

Special non sparking material: In areas prone to generating dangerous sparks, such as cable pulleys for large and small vehicles, as well as limit switch collision wheels, non sparking materials are used to avoid sparks caused by collisions and friction between mechanical components.

Gap and material control: For the brake wheels and brake shoes of explosion-proof double beam bridge cranes, it is required to control the gap between the brake wheels and brake shoes, and adopt measures such as using spark free material brake shoes to reduce sparks caused by friction.

Electrostatic spark control:

Static sparks are also a potential factor in causing explosions. Explosion proof electric hoists achieve explosion-proof by using surface resistance of materials that limit the generation of static electricity, or by using conductive adhesive, conductive paint, etc., to ensure that the surface resistance of non-metallic materials such as rubber buffers does not exceed a certain value (such as 109 Ω).

High temperature control:

Eliminating high temperatures is another important measure for explosion prevention. For example, placing components that generate high temperatures inside explosion-proof enclosures, or using methods such as heat dissipation and lubricating oil to reduce temperature, to prevent high temperatures from igniting the surrounding environment.

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