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Elaborate on lubrication requirements for explosion-proof electric hoists

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For the lubrication requirements of explosion-proof electric hoists, although specific information about explosion-proof electric hoists is not directly mentioned in the provided reference articles, we can derive some similar principles from the lubrication requirements of general electric hanging baskets, because the basic purpose of lubrication is to maintain the good operating condition of the equipment and extend its service life. The following is a summary of lubrication requirements:

Lubricating oil type and recommended dosage:

Choose the appropriate lubricating oil based on the type of equipment and working environment. For example, for elevators, it is recommended to use 80W/90 ordinary vehicle gear oil or N460 medium load industrial gear oil.

Different types of elevators have different oil requirements. For example, the oil volume of the LTD80 elevator is 1.2 liters, while the oil volume of the LTD80A, LTD63, and LTD50 elevators is 2 liters.

Replacement and replenishment of lubricating oil:

Regularly replace lubricating oil based on equipment usage and working environment. Generally speaking, replace the lubricating oil every 6 to 12 months.

During use, regularly check the oil level of the lubricating oil and replenish it as needed.

Precautions for lubrication points:

For the gearbox and transmission device, the lubricating oil must be replaced after the first three months of use, and then added monthly and changed every six months.

Add lubricating oil to the moving parts of the safety lock once a month to maintain its flexible movement.

Keep the lubrication system clean:

The quality of lubricating oil has a direct impact on equipment performance, therefore, the lubrication system should be kept clean to prevent impurities and moisture from entering.

Regularly clean the oil scale and impurities in the lubrication system to ensure the purity of the lubricating oil.

Pay attention to the influence of ambient temperature on lubricating oil:

The performance of lubricating oil will change at different ambient temperatures. Therefore, when selecting lubricating oil, the temperature range of the equipment's working environment should be considered, and a lubricating oil suitable for this temperature range should be selected.

Comply with the lubrication requirements of the equipment manufacturer:

Equipment manufacturers usually provide detailed lubrication requirements and recommendations, including lubricant type, dosage, replacement cycle, etc. In practical operation, the lubrication requirements of the equipment manufacturer should be strictly followed to ensure the normal operation and safety of the equipment.

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