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Five situations where the steel wire rope electric hoist cannot be started due to strike

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Regarding the issue of "wire rope electric hoist unable to start", it is usually not completely impossible to start directly due to the specific reason of "impact" or "impact". However, I can list five common situations that may cause wire rope electric hoist to fail to start, some of which may be related to indirect effects caused by external factors (such as improper operation or environment):

Electrical system malfunction:

Insufficient power supply or power supply issues, such as burnt power fuses, low grid voltage, or poor contact of power lines, may cause the electric hoist to not receive enough power to start. In this case, the power supply system should be checked to ensure normal power supply.

Control circuit failure: Damage to the electrical components of the main and control circuits of the control box, disconnection or poor contact of the circuit, as well as poor contact of the circuit inside the control button, can also prevent the electric hoist from starting with power. It is necessary to inspect the main and control circuits, as well as control buttons, to ensure that the electrical system is in good condition.

Mechanical failure:

Brake system malfunction: If the brake wheel and end cover are partially rusted or the brake is damaged, it may cause the brake wheel to not detach and prevent the electric hoist from starting. At this point, it is necessary to remove the brake wheel, clean the rusted surface or repair the brake, and then retest.

Transmission mechanism failure: Damage or malfunction of transmission mechanisms such as gearboxes and couplings may also cause the electric hoist to fail to start. The transmission mechanism should be checked and the fault cleared.

Overloading use:

When the weight of the goods exceeds the rated lifting capacity of the electric hoist, the electric hoist may not be able to start or lift heavy objects after starting. At this point, the machine should be immediately shut down to reduce the weight and allow the electric hoist to operate at its rated load.

Long term non use or poor maintenance:

If the electric hoist is not used for a long time and not maintained properly, it may cause internal components to rust, get stuck, or be damaged, thereby affecting the start. At this time, a comprehensive inspection and maintenance should be carried out on the electric hoist.

Indirect effects caused by external factors:

Improper operation: If the operator does not set or adjust the electric hoist correctly before starting, or does not follow the operating procedures, it may cause the electric hoist to fail to start. In this case, the setting and operation of the electric hoist should be rechecked and adjusted.

Environmental factors: such as high or low temperature, high humidity, etc. in the environment where the electric hoist is located, may also have an impact on the start-up of the electric hoist. At this time, environmental conditions should be improved or appropriate protective measures should be taken.

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