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What is the purpose of wire rope electric hoist and what is its operating speed

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The main purpose of a wire rope electric hoist is to lift and transport heavy objects. It is a lifting equipment that uses electric motors to drive and transmit power through steel wire ropes, achieving vertical lifting of heavy objects. It is widely used in industrial production, logistics and warehousing, construction and other fields.

The operating speed of the wire rope electric hoist usually depends on the specific model and load situation. Generally speaking, the lifting speed of electric hoists can be adjusted to meet different work requirements. Under standard load, the lifting speed of electric hoists may fluctuate within a certain range, ranging from a few meters to tens of meters per minute. However, the specific speed values need to refer to the technical specifications of the equipment or consult the manufacturer for accurate information.

In addition, it is worth noting that the operating speed of electric hoists is not only limited by the performance of the equipment itself, but also influenced by various factors such as the working environment, the skill level of operators, and safety regulations. Therefore, when using electric hoists, it is necessary to strictly follow the relevant operating procedures and safety standards to ensure the safety and efficiency of the operation process.

As for the electric hanging basket (although the question asked about the electric hoist, the electric hanging basket also involves wire ropes and lifting operations, so it will be briefly mentioned here), it is a high-altitude construction tool mainly composed of hanging basket, pulley, wire rope and other components. The rated speed of electric hanging baskets is generally around 30 meters per minute, but this is also related to their load. In practical use, it is necessary to set the specific speed according to the load situation to ensure the stability and safety of the equipment. At the same time, electric hanging baskets have the advantages of strong adaptability, basically unrestricted construction height, and less occupation of construction site in high-altitude construction, and are widely used in high-altitude operations such as exterior wall insulation, steel structure construction, and glass curtain wall installation.

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