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Hand operated hoist used for maintenance operations of cable cars

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A cable car is a device used for transporting personnel or goods, which may require maintenance and upkeep during operation due to various reasons. Hand operated hoist is a manually operated lifting equipment that can provide additional power and control, making maintenance work safer and more efficient.

Hand pulled gourd

Hand pulled gourds can be used to lift and suspend important components, tools, and equipment. During maintenance, it may be necessary to lift workers, replacement parts, or other necessary items to specific positions on the cable car. The lever gourd, with its lifting capacity and convenient manual operation, can complete these tasks in narrow spaces.

The lever gourd can also be used to fix and adjust the components of the cable car. During the maintenance process, it may be necessary to adjust the tension of the steel cable or reposition the pulley system. The manual control ability of the lever gourd allows the operator to accurately control the movement and position, ensuring the correct installation and adjustment of components.

In addition, the lever gourd can also be used as an auxiliary tool to assist maintenance personnel in completing other operations. For example, it can be used to provide additional strength or stability, assist in dismantling or installing heavy components, or to maintain specific positions for maintenance work.

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