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How to easily lift heavy objects with a chain hoist

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A chain hoist is a mechanical lifting tool that achieves the lifting and handling of heavy objects through manual operation. Its design principles and operational skills make lifting heavy objects relatively easy and efficient.

Hand pulled gourd

Fix the chain hoist in a suitable position so that the end of the chain or rope can be connected to the heavy object to be lifted. Connect the chain or rope to the weight to be lifted, ensuring that the connection is firm and reliable to prevent the weight from falling off or swinging during the lifting process. Then hang the rigging on the hook under the chain hoist.

By manually pulling the zipper, gradually increasing the force and causing the chain to move, the heavy object can be lifted. The internal mechanical structure of the chain hoist will convert your control force through the pulley and gear system, increasing the lifting force. Apply a balanced force when pulling the zipper. Avoid sudden or excessive force to prevent instability or sudden movement.

Continuously pull the zipper until the weight reaches the desired height or position. A chain hoist will provide sufficient mechanical advantages, making the lifting process of heavy objects relatively easy.

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