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How to choose the level of explosion-proof electric hoist

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There are ordinary and explosion-proof types in explosion-proof gourds, but there are different explosion-proof levels in explosion-proof. Do you know what explosion-proof level you should choose? Now let Yuxin Crane, an explosion-proof electric hoist manufacturer, teach you how to choose an explosion-proof level.

Explosion proof electric hoist

Explosion proof electric hoists are mostly used in hazardous areas with explosive gas mixtures in factories and hazardous areas with explosive dust mixtures in factories, in order to provide you with a security guarantee in production.

The temperature adaptation of different electric hoists varies, and can vary from T1 to T6, which is a higher level limitation.

Its main production areas are Zone 1 and Zone 2, and its IP is protection level, with one being dust-proof and the second being waterproof. Most of the products in mainland China use IP65, while a few imported from foreign countries reach IP66.

The main thing is to see where the device is suitable, for example, the code name of a device is DIICT5, where D represents explosion-proof type; II represents Class II explosion-proof, that is, factory explosion-proof; C represents that it can be used in Class C explosion-proof areas, which means it can be used in hazardous areas. T5 represents the level of temperature.

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