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How to solve the knotting phenomenon in electric wire rope hoists

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To solve the knotting phenomenon in electric wire rope cranes, you can consider the following steps:

Check the steel wire rope: First, check if there is any obvious wear, breakage, or deformation on the steel wire rope. If these problems are found, the steel wire rope should be replaced with a new one immediately to prevent further knotting or damage.

Cleaning and lubrication: Steel wire ropes should be regularly cleaned to remove any dirt, grease, or moisture that may adhere to them. In addition, using appropriate lubricants can reduce the friction between the wire rope and the pulley, thereby reducing the risk of knotting.

Proper use and maintenance: Ensure that the operators of the crane have received appropriate training on how to use and maintain the crane correctly. Avoid overloading or sudden acceleration, which may cause knots in the wire rope.

Installing anti knot devices: Some modern cranes are equipped with anti knot devices, which can help reduce the risk of wire rope tying. If possible, consider installing such a device on your crane.

Regular inspection and maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance are the key to preventing wire rope knots. Ensure regular inspection of wire ropes and pulleys, as well as any components related to wire ropes, such as drums, pulley blocks, and guide pulleys.

Follow the manufacturer's guidelines: Follow the maintenance and usage guidelines of the crane manufacturer to ensure that your crane operates in optimal condition.

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