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How to inspect wire rope electric hoists? Can it be exempted from inspection?

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For the inspection of wire rope electric hoists, the following are detailed inspection steps and precautions:

1、 Inspection content

Appearance inspection:

Check the wire rope of the electric hoist for obvious scratches, wear, deformation, etc., which may affect its use.

Check the twisting direction of the steel wire rope, whether the surface paint is cracked or peeled off, and the degree of surface rust.

Check if the fixed parts of the steel wire rope are well bonded and there is no looseness or breakage.

Measurement of length and diameter:

Use a tape measure or other measuring tool to measure the length of the steel wire rope, ensuring that its length is within the allowable error range.

Use calipers or other measuring tools to measure the diameter at both ends of the steel wire rope, take the average value, and ensure that the diameter size meets the standard.

Rope core inspection:

Check if the rope core is damaged, and replace it promptly if there is any damage.

Check the bending degree and shape of the rope core, and the cross-section of the rope core should be straight.

Check if there are any foreign objects in the rope core.

Internal inspection (if conditions permit):

Inspect the internal structure of the wire rope electric hoist, including pulleys, bearings, motors, and other components, to ensure its normal operation without any abnormal sounds or vibrations.

Functional inspection:

Test the lifting, lowering, stopping and other functions of the wire rope electric hoist to ensure its flexible and accurate operation.

2、 Inspection frequency

According to the frequency of use and working environment, the inspection time of the wire rope electric hoist should be conducted once a month or every 200 hours. If used frequently in harsh environments (such as high temperature, humidity, corrosion, etc.), the inspection time should be shortened.

3、 Is it possible to exempt from inspection

According to the revised implementation rules for the replacement (issuance) of production licenses for light and small lifting and transportation equipment, the management of production licenses for wire rope electric hoists is no longer implemented, but this does not mean that all inspections can be exempted.

For the wire rope electric hoist in use, it is still necessary to conduct regular inspections and maintenance in accordance with relevant standards and regulations to ensure its safe use.

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