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How to use pure copper explosion-proof chain hoists in dry and flammable environments

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When using pure copper explosion-proof chain hoists in dry and flammable environments, special attention should be paid to safe operation and maintenance to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel. Here are some suggestions on how to use pure copper explosion-proof chain hoists correctly in these environments:

Choose the appropriate device:

Ensure that the selected pure copper explosion-proof chain hoist is designed specifically for dry and flammable environments and has corresponding explosion-proof certification.

Check the label of the equipment to understand its working load, applicable range, and explosion-proof level.

Pre use inspection:

Before use, carefully inspect the integrity of the chain hoist, including the chain, hook, gear, and other parts, to ensure that there are no cracks, severe wear or corrosion.

Verify whether the explosion-proof function of the chain hoist is intact, such as checking whether the explosion-proof device is damaged or ineffective.

Safe operation:

Comply with the equipment's instructions and safety operating procedures.

Do not overload the use of chain hoists, ensuring that the weight of the lifted object does not exceed its rated working load.

During the lifting process, maintain the stability and stability of the chain hoist to avoid sharp lifting or tilting.

Regularly check the lubrication of the chain hoist to ensure good lubrication and reduce friction and wear.

Environmental precautions:

In flammable environments, avoid contact or friction between chain hoists and flammable substances to generate sparks.

Regularly inspect the surrounding environment to ensure that there are no leaks of flammable gases or liquids.

When using chain hoists, pay attention to good ventilation to avoid the accumulation of flammable gases.

Maintenance and upkeep:

Regularly clean and inspect the chain hoist to remove dirt and debris.

Regularly lubricate and maintain the chain hoist to extend its service life.

If any damage or malfunction is found on the chain hoist, it should be immediately stopped from use and repaired or replaced.

Personnel safety:

When using chain hoists, ensure that the operators have the corresponding skills and qualifications.

Operators should wear appropriate protective equipment, such as helmets, safety shoes, and gloves.

During the operation, maintain communication with surrounding personnel to ensure safety coordination.

Compliance with regulations:

Comply with national and local safety regulations and standards to ensure that the use of chain hoists complies with regulations.

In summary, when using pure copper explosion-proof chain hoists in dry and flammable environments, special attention should be paid to equipment selection, pre use inspection, safe operation, environmental precautions, maintenance and upkeep, and personnel safety. By strictly adhering to these recommendations, the safety of equipment and personnel can be ensured, and lifting operations can be carried out effectively.

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