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Installation techniques for counting electric hoists

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For the installation technique of "counting electric hanging basket" (which may refer to electric hanging basket here, because the term "counting" is not common in the context of electric hanging basket), I understand that you are referring to the installation steps and precautions of electric hanging basket. The following are the installation technical points for electric hanging baskets compiled from authoritative sources:

1、 Preparation before installation

Check accessories: Before installation, carefully check whether all accessories of the electric suspension basket are complete and ensure that important components such as the motor and control box are not damaged.

Reading the instruction manual: Before installing the equipment, it is necessary to carefully read the product manual, understand the working principle, structural characteristics, safety operating procedures, etc. of the equipment.

Training operators: Train operators to familiarize them with equipment operation methods and safety precautions, and they are not allowed to operate without training. The training content should cover equipment usage instructions, emergency operation procedures, etc.

2、 Installation steps

Fixed bracket:

Choose a horizontal ground to install the hanging basket, and when encountering an inclined surface, it should be reliably leveled under the corner wheel.

Install the bracket to ensure its stability and reliability. The distance between the front and rear seats should be adjusted to the maximum distance possible within the allowable conditions of the site.

Assembly body:

Connect the main frame to the bracket, ensuring that all connections are firm and reliable.

Adjust the height of the adjustable suspension bracket so that the lower side of the front beam is slightly higher than the height of the parapet wall.

Installation of lifting mechanism:

Install lifting mechanism components such as motors, brakes, reducers, and steel wire ropes.

Check the electric basket hoist, press the button to make the hoist idle, ensuring normal operation without any noise or jamming.

Connect safety devices:

Insert the safety rope of the electric hanging basket into the safety lock and hang the counterweight hammer.

Start the hoist motor, thread the steel wire rope into the hoist, and the rope end should automatically come out of the rope outlet.

Adjusting the counterweight and distance:

The counterweight iron should be equipped with sufficient weight, and the torque at the counterweight end should be three times the torque at the electric hanging basket end (force x force arm=torque).

Adjust the distance between the lifting rope and the safety lock, and move the safety lock until the basket tilts 6 ° to 8 ° until the safety lock can lock the safety rope.

Horizontal adjustment and testing:

Lift the suspended basket about 0.5 meters above the ground, check if the basket is level, and adjust if it is tilted.

Adjust horizontally at the specified height and test the safety lock function to ensure that the basket can automatically stop descending when tilted at a certain angle.

3、 Post installation inspection and acceptance

Functional inspection: Conduct a functional inspection on the electric hanging basket to ensure that all components are functioning properly.

Joint acceptance: Organize the hanging basket manufacturer, on-site technical personnel, production personnel, and machine operators to conduct joint acceptance together. Focus on inspecting the installation position of the hanging basket, the assembly of the structure, counterweights, safety ropes, safety locks, and the flexibility and integrity of electrical devices.

Record and rectification: Any problems found during acceptance must be rectified within a specified period of time, and only after confirming that there are no problems can they be put into use.

4、 Precautions

Safety lock performance test: Before each operation, the performance of the safety lock should be tested to ensure its normal operation.

Comply with safety regulations: During the operation of the hanging basket, strict adherence to safety regulations should be followed to avoid frequent jogging and overloading.

Daily inspection and maintenance: Before starting work every day, the hanging basket should be inspected and recorded, and the equipment should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that it is in good condition.

Emergency plan: Develop an emergency plan and familiarize oneself with the emergency response process in order to quickly take measures to protect personnel safety in the event of an emergency.

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