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Introduction to the motor characteristics of wire rope electric hoist

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Regarding the motor characteristics of the Wire Rope Electric Hoist, the following is a detailed introduction, which is presented and summarized in points based on the relevant information in the reference article:

1. Motor type

Conical rotor motor and ordinary motor: Steel wire rope electric hoist usually uses conical rotor motor and ordinary motor as power sources. These electric motors drive the drum through a combination of gearbox structures to achieve lifting operation.

2. Motor function

Power supply: The electric motor is the core component of an electric hoist, which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to provide necessary power for the hoist.

Drive lifting equipment: The rotation of the electric motor is transmitted to the lifting equipment through transmission devices (such as gear drive, chain drive, belt drive, etc.), driving its up and down movement.

3. Motor parameters

Rated voltage: The motor of an electric hoist usually has multiple voltage levels to choose from, such as 220V and 380V.

Power: The power of the motor varies depending on the specifications and load capacity of the hoist, with common power ranges ranging from 0.6kW to 3.0kW.

Rated lifting capacity: The power and performance of the motor determine the rated lifting capacity of the hoist, with common rated lifting capacities ranging from 300KG to 2000KG.

4. Motor characteristics

Fast braking speed: The electric hoist has a fast braking speed, ensuring the safety and reliability of the lifting process.

Small size and light weight: The electric hoist has a compact overall structure, occupies small space, and is lightweight, making it easy to move and install.

Easy to use and maintain: The electric hoist is easy to operate and maintain, reducing usage costs.

5. Motor safety device

Safety devices: The electric hoist is equipped with various safety devices, such as limit switches, safety locks, etc., to ensure the safety of the lifting process. These safety devices stop the operation of the motor when the upper or lower limit is reached, avoiding overload and dangerous situations.

6. Motor application field

Industrial production: Electric hoists are widely used in industrial production fields, such as mechanical manufacturing, metallurgy, chemical and other industries.

Construction: In construction, electric hoists are used to lift building materials, equipment, etc., improving work efficiency and safety.

Warehouse logistics: In the field of warehouse logistics, electric elevators are used for handling, loading and unloading of goods, reducing labor costs and improving work efficiency.

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