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Maintenance methods for lifting wire rope hoist wire rope

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For the maintenance methods of lifting steel wire ropes, the following are some clear points to represent and summarize suggestions, while referring to the numbers and information in relevant articles:

Regular inspections:

Regularly inspect the wear and tear of the steel wire rope, especially vulnerable components such as grooves, pulleys, and hooks.

Pay attention to checking the diameter change of the steel wire rope, as the diameter may decrease with use.

Check if bolts, nuts, and other connecting parts are loose or broken.

Inspect the corrosion of the tail thread and hook nut of the hook, and apply lubricating grease regularly.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Use specialized cleaning agents to clean the steel wire rope, ensuring that the cleaning agent has a good cleaning effect on the steel, is environmentally friendly, non irritating, and harmless to human health.

High pressure water cleaning method can be chosen, but attention should be paid to controlling the distance between the nozzle and the wire rope and the cleaning pressure to avoid damage to the surface of the wire rope.

For stubborn stains and adhesions, mechanical scrubbing can be used, but excessive scratching and damage to the surface of the wire rope should be avoided.

In some cases, dry wiping is also a simple and effective cleaning method, suitable for situations with slight surface contamination.

Installation and replacement:

When installing a new wire rope, avoid installing it directly under the traction of the old wire rope, as this may transfer the internal stress of the old wire rope to the new wire rope, causing damage to the new wire rope.

When replacing the wire rope, it is important to note that the diameter of the pulley groove should be greater than the actual diameter of the new wire rope to ensure good fit and extend the service life of the wire rope.

During the replacement process, special connection methods can be used, such as using Chinese claw (a pipe made of Fried Dough Twists shaped strands) to connect the new and old steel wire ropes to avoid problems caused by direct welding.

Preventive measures:

Avoid not wrapping the steel wire rope tightly enough on the drum, as this may cause the lower steel wire rope to be flattened by the upper steel wire rope.

Regularly inspect and adjust the position of the support legs and boom to ensure that the crane remains stable during operation and reduce additional stress on the steel wire rope.

Adhere to the operating regulations of the crane, avoid overloading and illegal operations, and reduce damage to the steel wire rope.

Special maintenance measures:

For particularly important wire ropes or wire ropes used in high-risk environments, additional protective measures can be considered, such as installing sleeves on the wire rope to reduce friction with the hook.

When using or storing steel wire ropes for a long time, they should be placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight and humid environments that may cause damage to the steel wire ropes.

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