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Is the handle of the wire rope electric hoist afraid of water

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Wire rope electric hoists are generally installed on I-shaped steel tracks in factories, but there are also some special usage environments that require installation outdoors. Due to outdoor use, it will definitely be affected by wind, sun, and rain. To prevent rain, we can install a rain cover outside the shell of the wire rope electric hoist, but the handle of live equipment does not need to be installed with a rain cover, mainly because the handle has waterproof function.

The handle of the wire rope electric hoist does not have waterproof function, which can be analyzed from its manufacturing material. Nowadays, the handles of electric hoists are mostly made of ABS plastic shells. The internal components are made of silver dot copper, which has good conductivity but is not waterproof. After the plastic casing is tightly packaged, if the sealing of the casing is good, the handle is not afraid of water. Even the parts where the up and down buttons come into contact with the casing have a waterproof casing. Some manufacturers also cover the outside of the buttons with a transparent cover to protect the font from wear and water.

Therefore, with an ergonomic design handle that is not afraid of water, we don't have to worry about rainwater and electrical leakage in the handle of the wire rope electric hoist.

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