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What should be done when the wire rope electric hoist slides for a long distance under braking

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When the wire rope electric hoist slides too far during braking, the following steps can be taken to solve the problem:

Check and adjust the brake: Firstly, the brake should be checked and adjusted. Sometimes, adjusting the brake nut may not be enough to solve the problem of excessive sliding distance. In this case, other possible reasons should be considered.

Clean the brake surface: If there is oil stains on the brake ring, it will reduce the friction coefficient and cause the sliding distance to exceed the specified requirements. Therefore, the brake ring should be disassembled and the brake surface thoroughly cleaned to restore the friction coefficient of the brake surface.

Check brake rings: Check if the brake rings are loose or damaged. If the brake ring is loose or damaged, it will not guarantee effective braking. In this case, it may be necessary to replace the brake rings or perform grinding to increase the contact surface during braking.

Check and replace the pressure spring: If the pressure spring of the brake is used for too long, there may be a decrease in spring force, leading to unstable braking. In this case, it is possible to consider replacing the spring.

Check other components: In addition, check other components that may affect the braking effect, such as motors, reducers, etc., to ensure they are all in normal working condition.

Safe operation: During the entire inspection and maintenance process, it should be ensured to follow the safe operating procedures to avoid accidents.

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