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Low clearance blockchain can only operate on I-beam tracks

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When it comes to chain hoist, you may know what it is. Chain hoist is a small lifting tool that suspends the upper hook at a fixed point and uses a mechanical power transmission device to lift the heavy object suspended on the lower hook up and down. Adding the noun low clearance before it becomes low clearance chain hoist. This type of blockchain is different from ordinary blockchain. It cannot be suspended at a fixed point for lifting work, and must be suspended on an I-beam track for lifting operations. Why is this?

Due to the significant difference between the structure and mechanism of low clearance blockchain, it not only has a different appearance from ordinary blockchain, but also does not have a round cover or long chain, nor does it have a hook. Instead, it includes components with a dual structure of blockchain and monorail car. These components are re optimized and combined together, which not only have the lifting function of blockchain but also the operation function of monorail car, which can meet the lifting and heavy object operation needs in low clearance environment.

However, its design has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that the low clearance chain block can be applied to H-shaped steel beams or self-made tracks installed in confined spaces such as low rise factories. The disadvantage is that it does not have a hook and can be hung at any fixed point like the chain block, so it can only operate on I-shaped steel monorails.

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