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Why design and produce low clearance electric hoists

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Ordinary electric hoists are generally composed of motors, chains or steel wire ropes, hooks, operating mechanisms, safety devices, etc. To operate on I-beam tracks, they must be paired with monorail cranes to achieve continuous and stable transportation functions. When carrying weight, the electric hoist transfers the weight of the heavy object to the monorail car, which in turn transfers it to the track. The height of the electric hoist, along with the height of the monorail car and the height above the track, are the key factors that constrain the lifting demand for low rise factories.

Why design and produce low clearance electric hoists

The low clearance electric hoist specially produced for lifting work in low and low spaces has a compact structure and more efficient space utilization. Without reducing the performance of ordinary electric hoists, its clearance height, self weight, and noise can be reduced. This not only saves the steel and other materials required for the production of electric hoists, but also reduces manufacturing costs. Due to its clearance height and lightweight, it can reduce the load on the electric hoist itself and the building structure of the factory building. Both manufacturers and users can benefit from it.

The production and application of low clearance electric hoists provide strong equipment support for lifting heavy objects in low and low environments, solving the lifting problem in highly restricted situations.

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