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Only wire rope electric hoists that meet these performance requirements are qualified

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Only wire rope electric hoists that meet these performance requirements are qualified. These performance requirements typically cover multiple aspects to ensure the safety, reliability, and efficiency of electric hoists during use. Here are some key performance requirements:

1、 Basic performance requirements

Carrying capacity: The electric hoist should be able to safely carry its rated load and maintain stable performance throughout the entire working range. This includes various operational stages such as lifting, lowering, and horizontal movement.

Lifting speed: The lifting speed of the electric hoist should meet the design requirements and be able to maintain a relatively stable speed under different loads. An excessively fast lifting speed may cause the load to lose control, while an excessively slow speed may affect work efficiency.

Operation stability: The electric hoist should be stable and shake free during operation to reduce damage to the load and ensure the safety of operators.

2、 Safety performance requirements

Braking performance: The electric hoist should be equipped with a reliable braking system to ensure that it can quickly and effectively stop the load in case of power outage or emergency. The braking system should undergo strict testing to verify its reliability and safety under various working conditions.

Limiting device: The electric hoist should be equipped with a limiting device to prevent the load from exceeding the specified lifting height or horizontal movement range. This helps to prevent collisions and accidents from occurring.

Protective devices: Key components such as the motor, reducer, and steel wire rope of the electric hoist should be equipped with protective devices to prevent dust, debris, etc. from entering and causing damage. At the same time, operators should be able to easily access these components for maintenance and inspection.

3、 Electrical performance requirements

Insulation performance: The electrical system of the electric hoist should have good insulation performance to prevent electrical faults and electric shock accidents. Electrical components and circuits should undergo strict testing to ensure compliance with relevant standards and requirements.

Control performance: The control system of the electric hoist should be accurate and reliable, and the operator should be able to easily control the lifting, lowering, and horizontal movement of the load. The control system should be equipped with necessary indicator lights and alarm devices to promptly remind operators to pay attention to safety issues.

4、 Certification and Standards

Certification requirements: Qualified wire rope electric hoists should obtain relevant quality and safety certifications, such as CE certification, ISO9001 certification, etc. These certifications are important guarantees for product performance and quality.

Compliance with standards: The design and manufacturing of electric hoists should comply with relevant national and industry standards and specifications, such as ASME B30.16. These standards specify the performance requirements, safety requirements, testing methods, and other aspects of electric hoists.

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