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Rules and requirements for the use of electric hoists before and after use

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Regarding the rules and requirements before and after the use of electric hoists, referring to existing information, I cannot directly quote specific numbers or detailed information to answer directly, as there is no detailed document directly related to the rules for the use of electric hoists. However, based on general principles of industrial equipment usage, I can outline some possible rules and requirements for you:

Before use:

Security check:

Check if the electric hoist and its accessories (such as hooks, wire ropes, etc.) are damaged or worn.

Ensure that all safety devices (such as limit switches, emergency stop buttons, etc.) are in good working condition.

Verify that the electrical system (such as power supply, cables, switches, etc.) is intact and undamaged.

Operator qualification:

Personnel operating electric hoists must undergo professional training and hold corresponding operation certificates.

Operators should be familiar with the working principle, operating methods, and emergency response measures of electric hoists.

Work environment inspection:

Check if the working environment is safe, with no obstacles or personnel below the lifting area.

Ensure that the track or suspension point of the electric hoist is firm and reliable.

In use:

Safe operation:

Follow the operating instructions and limitations provided by the manufacturer.

Do not overload the use of electric hoists.

During the lifting process, keep the electric hoist stable and avoid rapid acceleration or deceleration.

Monitoring and Inspection:

Continuously monitor the status of the electric hoist and its accessories during the lifting process.

If there are any abnormal phenomena (such as noise, vibration, overheating, etc.), the use should be stopped immediately and checked.

Signal and communication:

If multiple people are involved in the lifting operation, an effective signal and communication system should be ensured to avoid misoperation.

After use:

Cleaning and maintenance:

After each use, the electric hoist should be cleaned to remove dust and dirt.

Regular maintenance and inspection, including replacing worn parts, lubricating moving parts, etc.

Record and report:

Record each usage, including lifting weight, usage time, operators, etc.

If any problems or abnormal situations are found, they should be reported to superiors in a timely manner.


When not in use, electric hoists should be stored in a dry, ventilated, and dust-free place.

Avoid exposing electric hoists to extreme temperature or humidity conditions.

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