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Safe operation testing of electric chain hoists

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Safe operation testing is crucial for ensuring the reliability and safety of electric chain hoists (electric hooks). The following is a clear guide for safe operation testing of electric chain hoists, summarized in conjunction with relevant information in reference articles:

1、 Check equipment and environment

Equipment inspection:

Check if the electric chain hoist itself is intact and undamaged, with no obvious faults or damage.

Check if the power and control cables are securely connected, without any breakage or exposed wires.

Check whether the brake is sensitive and reliable, and whether the upper and lower limit switches operate accurately and sensitively.

The locking nut of the hook should be securely fastened, and the hook should rotate flexibly in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Environmental inspection:

There should be no obstacles or floating objects within the walking range of the operator, the line of sight, and the route through which heavy objects pass.

Clean the work environment and ensure that there are no debris, personnel, or other obstacles around the hook.

Check the weather conditions of the working environment, such as strong wind, rainstorm and other severe weather, to ensure safe operation.

2、 Preparation before operation

Wear safety protective equipment such as helmets, work clothes, safety shoes, etc. to ensure personal safety.

Choose the appropriate lifting equipment: Based on the usage needs of the hook, choose the appropriate lifting equipment, such as hooks, lifting equipment, cable chains, etc.

Power check: Insert the control plug of the hook into the power socket to ensure that the power supply is normal.

Communication preparation: Check if the communication methods between operators are smooth to ensure timely communication during the operation process.

3、 Safe operation testing

Start up test: According to the specific operation method of the electric chain hoist, start the equipment and observe whether it operates normally.

Functional testing:

Test the lifting function of the electric chain hoist to ensure its stability and accuracy.

Test the rotation and positioning function of the hook to ensure its flexibility and accuracy.

Load test:

Before carrying out the lifting operation, determine the rated lifting weight and rated working range of the electric chain hoist through testing.

Overloading is strictly prohibited to avoid exceeding the rated load-bearing range of the equipment.

4、 Operation precautions

Personnel safety:

During the lifting process, ensure that all personnel are away from the hook to prevent accidental injuries.

Operators should remain focused and not be distracted, noisy, or joking to avoid operational errors.

Cargo fixation: Before lifting an object, it is necessary to ensure that the object is fixed on the hook to avoid shaking or falling off during operation.

Stable lifting: During the lifting process, the operator should maintain a stable movement, control the lifting speed, and prevent the goods from shaking violently.

Maintenance inspection: Regularly maintain and inspect the electric chain hoist to ensure it is in good working condition.

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