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Safety measures and safety discipline for the use of explosion-proof electric hoists

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The safety measures and safety discipline for using explosion-proof electric hoists are key to ensuring workplace safety. The following is a detailed overview of some safety measures and safety disciplines for the use of explosion-proof electric hoists:

1、 Security measures

Select qualified products:

The selected explosion-proof electric hoist must comply with relevant national standards and requirements for explosive hazardous areas.

The product should have an explosion-proof certificate and indicate the explosion-proof inspection certificate number, explosion-proof type, grade, and other nameplates.

The maximum surface temperature of the equipment should meet the specification requirements to ensure that sparks or hazardous temperatures that ignite explosive mixtures will not occur under normal operating conditions.

Process design and layout:

In process design, the generation and accumulation of explosive substances should be eliminated or reduced, such as using lower temperatures and pressures to limit explosive substances in sealed containers.

Priority should be given to outdoor or open layout, with good ventilation and conducive to gas circulation in the workplace.

Explosion proof measures:

Eliminate or control the occurrence of arcs, sparks, or overheating generated by instruments and explosion-proof electrical equipment.

Adopt appropriate explosion-proof types, such as dust ignition prevention, explosion-proof, increased safety, intrinsic safety, etc.

Electrical circuit and equipment maintenance:

Electrical circuits should be laid in areas with low explosion hazards or at a distance from the release source.

Regularly inspect and maintain electrical equipment and circuits to ensure that they meet work requirements.

Installation and renovation:

Installation and renovation should comply with the requirements of national standards such as GB50058 "Design Code for Electrical Equipment in Explosive Hazardous Environments" and AQ3009 "Electrical Explosion Protection Safety Code for Hazardous Places".

2、 Safety discipline

Operating specifications:

Operators must fully grasp the operating specifications of explosion-proof electric hoists and follow standard operating procedures.

Prohibit illegal operations such as overloading, speeding, etc. during the operation process.

Regular training and assessment:

Operators should receive regular safety operation training on explosion-proof electric hoists and undergo assessments.

Untrained or unqualified personnel are not allowed to operate explosion-proof electric hoists.

Security check:

Regularly conduct safety inspections on explosion-proof electric hoists and promptly address any issues found.

It is prohibited to work in situations where there are safety hazards with explosion-proof electric hoists.

Equipment management:

Strengthen the management of explosion-proof electric hoists to ensure the normal operation of equipment and safe operation of personnel.

Regularly maintain the equipment and record the maintenance status.

Emergency plan:

Develop emergency plans for explosion-proof electric hoists, clarify emergency response procedures and measures.

Regularly organize emergency drills to improve emergency response capabilities.

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