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What are the relevant regulations for lifting heavy objects with a chain hoist

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Regarding the relevant regulations on the use of chain hoists for lifting heavy objects, the following points can be referred to, and other general norms for lifting operations can be appropriately combined:

1、 Equipment selection and procurement

Choose the appropriate chain block: Select the appropriate chain block according to the weight of the lifted object, the usage environment, and the main purpose. The lifting weight, lifting chain specifications, etc. should meet the actual needs.

Ensure product quality: When purchasing a blockchain, it should be ensured that each product is accompanied by a product maintenance manual, a production license label, and a product qualification certificate. It is strictly prohibited to purchase "three no" products.

2、 Inspection before use

Determine the weight of the suspended object: Before use, the weight of the suspended object must be determined and overloading is strictly prohibited.

Check equipment status: Check components such as hooks, chains, wheel axles, and chain discs to ensure that there is no severe rust, cracks, or damage. The transmission part and lifting chain should be well lubricated, and the idle condition should be normal.

Anti decoupling device: The hook should be equipped with an anti decoupling device to ensure safety during the lifting process.

3、 Operating standards

Avoid using multiple chain blockers simultaneously: It is strictly prohibited to use two or more chain blockers to lift heavy objects at the same time, in order to avoid uneven force and accidents.

Follow the operating procedures: The using unit should establish the usage and operation procedures for the blockchain, clarify the responsibilities and operational requirements of each staff member, and provide necessary training.

Prohibited illegal operations: Overloading, speeding and other illegal operations are strictly prohibited to ensure the safety of lifting operations.

4、 Maintenance and upkeep

Regular maintenance: The using unit should regularly maintain the blockchain to ensure its normal operation and safe use.

Inspection and recording: Regular inspections of blockchain should be carried out according to national regulations, generally at least once a year, and the inspection and maintenance status should be recorded.

5、 Security management

Clear management responsibilities: The user unit should clarify the responsibilities and authorities of management personnel at all levels to ensure the effective implementation of safety management work.

Training and Education: Management personnel at all levels should regularly organize safety training, education, and drill activities to improve the safety awareness and emergency response capabilities of staff.

Establishing archives: The using unit should establish a record of the lifting and hoisting equipment, including the specifications, models, inspection certificate numbers, usage status, etc. of the chain block, and file and register them in accordance with regulations.

6、 Emergency response

Develop emergency response plans: The using unit should develop emergency response plans for lifting operations and regularly organize drills.

Timely and effective execution: In the event of an emergency, it should be ensured that the emergency plan can be executed in a timely and effective manner to minimize accident losses.

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