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Specific requirements for accessories of electric hoists before use

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For the specific requirements of electric hoist accessories before use, the following is a summary and summary based on the content of the reference article:

Running in and testing of new equipment:

Each newly installed electric hoist should be unloaded several times and run in.

Before normal use, a dynamic load test with 10% rated load and excess load should be conducted, and the lifting should be repeated to check whether the transmission mechanism, electrical parts, and connecting parts are normal and reliable.

For a static load test with an additional 25% constant load, lift the load approximately 100mm off the ground and suspend it in the air for 10 minutes. After unloading the load, check if it is normal.

Lubrication requirements:

The lubrication method of the reducer is usually injected from the self spraying oil hole, and the lubricant should be 50 # mechanical oil, lubricated every six months.

The lubrication method for steel wire ropes and drums is to apply the surface, and the lubricant is steel wire rope oil, lubricated once a week.

The lubrication method for the hook pulley bearing/wheel is to squeeze in lubricant, which is called calcium based lubricating oil and lubricated every six months.

The lifting and operating motors also use the same lubrication method, using calcium sodium based grease lubricating oil, lubricated every six months.

Operation and Maintenance:

Operators should receive training and guidance in advance, fully understand the structure and performance of the machine, and have certain experience in operation and maintenance.

Pay attention to regularly observing the instrument indications. If there are any abnormalities, stop and troubleshoot in a timely manner.

It is not allowed to lift diagonally or use it as a horizontal towing tool, and it is not allowed to lift buried objects.

During use, it should be ensured that there is sufficient lubricating oil, and the lubricating oil should be clean and free of impurities and dirt.

Safety precautions:

When the electric hoist is in operation, it is strictly prohibited to hang heavy objects in the air for a long time to prevent deformation of sub components.

If serious malfunctions occur during use, the main power supply should be immediately cut off.

The electric hoist should be stopped at the braking position and the hook should be lifted to a height of more than 2 meters above the ground.

Daily inspection:

During shift handover, check whether the steel wire rope is bent or knotted, whether the steel wire rope is protruding or excessively twisted, whether there are signs of twisting on the surface, whether the rope strands and individual steel wire ropes are broken, whether the rope head is firm, whether the steel wire rope is clean, and whether the lubricating oil is sufficient.

Regularly check the level and quality of oil, fluid, brake fluid, and oil (water), and check the sealing condition of the entire machine.

Lubrication point addition:

During the running in period, it is recommended to add lubricating grease at the lubrication point before each use (unless otherwise required).

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