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Structural composition and characteristics of explosion-proof electric hoists

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Explosion proof electric hoist is composed of three parts: lifting mechanism, operating mechanism, and explosion-proof electrical control device.

Lifting mechanism: The lifting mechanism of an explosion-proof electric hoist is also known as a fixed explosion-proof electric hoist. Various forms of explosion-proof electric hoists can be connected to different types of running cars through the screw holes on the four sides of the square bracket of the drum. The lifting mechanism adopts a "three in one" driving device, which directly connects the explosion-proof cone brake motor with the reducer. The structure is compact, and installation and maintenance are very convenient. Due to the fact that the motor shaft head is directly milled into helical teeth as the primary drive gear, the braking torque can change with the size of the load, thereby improving braking performance. A second brake can also be installed as needed.

Operating mechanism: The operating mechanism of the explosion-proof electric hoist, also known as the operating trolley, can be divided into standard building height type trolley (UEex type), low building height type trolley (KEex type), and double beam trolley (OEex type) according to the structural form of the electric operating trolley.

Explosion proof electrical control device: The electrical control device of the explosion-proof electric hoist has two explosion-proof levels: dIBT4 and dIICT4. It can control the lifting of the electric hoist, the forward and reverse rotation of the running motor, and the fast and slow speed. The control voltage is 42V, equipped with safety protection devices such as main power switch, upper and lower limit switches, and phase sequence protection circuit breaker.

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