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What protective functions do explosion-proof electric hoists have

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Explosion-proof electric hoists are specifically designed to ensure safe operation in potentially explosive environments. Their protective functions mainly include the following aspects:

  1. Explosion-proof design: The hoist's motor, controller, and other electrical components are designed and manufactured according to explosion-proof standards to prevent sparks, arcs, or high temperatures from igniting surrounding explosive mixtures.

  2. Flameproof enclosure: The hoist enclosure is designed to withstand the pressure generated by an internal explosion without allowing flames or hot gases to escape, thus preventing the spread of the explosion.

  3. Temperature monitoring: Temperature sensors are installed in key components to monitor and control the operating temperature. If the temperature exceeds the safe limit, protective measures such as shutting down the hoist will be taken to prevent overheating and ignition.

  4. Overload protection: The hoist is equipped with overload protection devices that can detect and limit the lifting capacity to prevent the hoist from operating under excessive loads, reducing the risk of accidents.

  5. Speed control: The hoist has a speed control system that can adjust the lifting and lowering speed according to the load weight and operating conditions, ensuring stable and safe operation.

  6. Emergency stop function: Emergency stop buttons or switches are provided to allow operators to immediately stop the hoist in case of emergencies.

  7. Grounding protection: The hoist is properly grounded to ensure that any electrical leakage or fault currents are safely diverted to the ground, reducing the risk of electrical shock or ignition.

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