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The application of electric hoists on stage in shopping malls

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In shopping malls, the application of electric hoists on stage is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Advertising display and promotion:

Electric hoists in shopping malls are often used to hang and display promotional materials such as billboards and banners. Through remote control, the functions of lifting and moving billboards can be achieved, making the display of advertisements more three-dimensional and vivid. For example, China Resources MixC uses electric hoists for advertising display, bringing customers a more innovative and interesting shopping experience.

The electric hoist in shopping malls is also used on glass panel hollow platforms, with high transparency, which makes the electric hoist hidden in the upper position. It only hangs promotional materials through hanging steel wire ropes and hooks, which is both beautiful and practical.

Creative display:

The use of electric hoists in shopping malls provides more possibilities for creative displays within the mall. Through the lifting and moving functions of electric hoists, various unique display effects can be achieved, such as hanging large decorations, artworks, etc., increasing the attractiveness and ornamental value of the mall.

Stability and Safety:

For large promotional materials such as banners, there may be left and right tilting when using a single electric hoist for lifting. Therefore, two or more electric hoists are often used for lifting in shopping malls to ensure the stability of advertising banners and avoid safety accidents.

Operation and Control:

The operation of electric hoists in shopping malls is relatively simple, and functions such as lifting and moving can be easily achieved through remote control. At the same time, electric hoists in shopping malls also have high safety features, such as overload protection, limit switches, etc., to ensure safety during use.

Enhance brand image and shopping experience:

The application of electric hoists in shopping malls not only enhances the brand image of the mall, but also brings customers a more innovative and interesting shopping experience. Through creative displays and advertising, customers can gain a deeper understanding of the mall's products and promotional activities, thereby improving shopping satisfaction.

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