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There are significant differences in the functions of different models of electric chain hoists

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There are many models of electric chain hoists, and their functions vary depending on the model. According to their functions, they can be divided into ordinary chain electric hoists, fixed chain electric hoists, double speed chain electric hoists, single speed chain electric hoists

Explosion proof electric hoist.

The ordinary chain electric hoist model is SSDHL, which is the most widely used and mainly used in industries such as factories, warehouses, wind power generation, logistics, docks, and construction. It can be used both as a fixed device and as a standalone vehicle for walking.

Compared to the operating chain electric hoist, the fixed chain electric hoist has a slower running speed, is not flexible enough, and does not save enough manpower.

The double speed chain electric hoist can achieve the lifting position more accurately and accurately compared to the single speed chain electric hoist.

The explosion-proof chain electric hoist model is JLFB, which is made of special spark free materials and has safe and reliable explosion-proof performance. Widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, oil stations, oil depots, gas production, chemical, military, power, mining, electronics, railways and other potential fire hazards and hazardous environments.

Friction and collision between products during homework will not generate mechanical sparks, and will not ignite gases in flammable and explosive places, effectively preventing fire accidents and ensuring national property and personal safety.

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