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Why does the chain electric hoist slip

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With the continuous improvement of industrial automation, new products are constantly emerging in the field of material transportation and handling, and the chain electric hoist is also constantly being updated.

Chain electric hoists have the characteristics of small size, light weight, and low noise. Compared with traditional electric hoists, their efficiency has been greatly improved.

During the use of electric chain hoists, there may sometimes be slippage. So, how should we deal with slippage in daily use? Let's briefly analyze below:

1、 When the chain hoist slides down a certain distance during no-load operation and comes to a stop, it may be due to the wear of the brake pads on the brake discs, resulting in poor braking effect and the need to replace the brake discs. Brake discs are vulnerable parts, just like car tires, which need to be replaced after a period of use. Generally, newly purchased chain hoists need to adjust the clearance of the brake discs after about six months of use. The first three months are the running in period, and the brake clearance should not exceed 2mm. In the future, the use of the brake discs should be regularly checked, and if necessary, they need to be replaced.

2、 When lifting a gourd, it slides down the chain, also known as a jump chain, and has the sound of internal gear friction. In general, in this situation, we will determine that the guide iron sheet is damaged due to chain wear or the sliding is caused by chain wheel wear. It is recommended to check the chain and chain wheel in a timely manner, and replace them if necessary.

3、 Some users may find that the chain hoist slides when lifting heavy loads and does not slide when unloaded. This situation is usually caused by brake pad wear, and it is necessary to check the brake pads in a timely manner.

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