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To what extent does the chain of the electric chain hoist wear out and need to be scrapped

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When the chain of an electric chain crane is worn to a certain extent, it is necessary to consider scrapping to ensure work safety. The following is a clear description of the degree of wear and scrap standards for electric chain cranes based on the information provided in the reference article:

Judging the degree of wear and tear:

The wear height of chain links and sprockets should not exceed 10% of the thickness of the chain links.

The height difference between chain links and sprockets cannot exceed 2% of the thickness of the chain links.

The wear depth of the hook hole on the chain link shall not exceed 10% of the thickness of the chain link.

The wear diameter of the inner diameter of the chain link hook hole shall not exceed 5% of the chain link diameter.

Judgment of cracks and deformations:

If the chain link has cracks greater than 0.1 times the thickness of the chain link, it should be immediately scrapped.

If the inward curvature of the chain link exceeds 5% of the chain link thickness, it should also be scrapped.

Other scrapping standards:

The concavity depth of the connecting pins of belt and spiral chains exceeds 10% of the pin diameter and needs to be scrapped.

If the tooth height of the sprocket exceeds 2% of the chain link thickness or the tooth width wear exceeds 3% of the chain link thickness, it also needs to be scrapped.

The overall length of the chain has increased by 5% compared to the original length, indicating that the chain has undergone stretching and elongation, and it also needs to be scrapped in a timely manner.


The chain of an electric chain crane will gradually wear out during normal use due to contact and friction with heavy objects. When the degree of wear exceeds a certain standard, the carrying capacity and safety of the chain will be greatly reduced.

In addition to the degree of wear, cracks, deformation, and stretching of the chain are also important criteria for determining scrap.

The formulation of scrapping standards is to ensure work safety and prevent accidents caused by chain problems. Therefore, when using an electric chain crane, it is necessary to regularly check the wear and damage of the chain, and promptly dispose of it according to the scrapping standards.

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