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What are the common forms and causes of damage to the steel wire rope of electric hoists

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The common forms and causes of damage to electric hoist wire ropes mainly include the following:

Damage form:

Broken wire and strand: During the use of a steel wire rope, due to repeated winding in the pulley or drum, countless bends can easily cause fatigue and a decrease in toughness, ultimately leading to wire breakage. If the entire rope strand breaks, the steel wire rope should be immediately scrapped.

Wear and tear: During long-term use or use, there is friction between the steel wire rope and the surface of objects such as pulley grooves, drum walls, and hook heads, resulting in a reduction in the diameter of the rope and the smoothing of the fine steel wire on the outer surface. Wear is generally divided into three types: external wear, internal wear, and deformation wear.

Deformation: The deformation of the steel wire rope may be caused by incorrect operation or incorrect winding method in the drum, resulting in the fixed and unreasonable fixation of the steel wire rope, leading to distortion and bending.

Corrosion: Steel wire ropes are generally used outdoors and are susceptible to corrosion from sunlight and rain, especially when used in harmful gases and harsh environments. Corrosion can reduce the cross-sectional area, elasticity, and impact resistance of steel wire ropes.

Cause of damage:

Improper use: such as excessive and violent impact, causing the steel wire rope to load, damage and wear, leading to rupture.

Environmental factors: such as the use of steel wire ropes in harsh environments, such as high temperatures and harmful gases, can accelerate their corrosion and wear.

Equipment issue: If the rotating parts of the pulley are stuck, causing sliding friction between the steel wire rope and the pulley, increasing wear.

Operation error: If the winding method of the steel wire rope in the drum is incorrect, it may cause the steel wire rope to be fixed improperly, resulting in distortion and bending.

Fatigue: Steel wire ropes mainly bear bending fatigue and fatigue caused by tension, torsion, and vibration during use, ultimately leading to wire breakage and fatigue fracture.

In order to extend the service life of the electric hoist wire rope, correct usage and maintenance measures need to be taken, such as avoiding excessive impact, keeping the environment clean, regularly inspecting and replacing the wire rope, etc.

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