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What are the safety requirements for the use of explosion-proof electric hoists

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The safety requirements for using explosion-proof electric hoists mainly include the following aspects:

Operators must undergo professional training, and those without training are not allowed to start at will.

Before use, carefully read and understand the user manual, and operate and maintain the equipment correctly according to the requirements.

Before use, check whether the switches, electrical appliances, mechanical components are intact, and whether the brakes are reliable. Meanwhile, use a 500V megohmmeter to check the insulation resistance of the motor and control box. The cold resistance should be greater than 5m Ω at room temperature before use.

Before lifting the workpiece, start the empty car first, check the limiter, and start working after it runs normally. When lifting workpieces, they must be lifted firmly and stably. Before lifting, they should be lifted slightly off the ground. After a trial lifting without any problems, they can be lifted again.

It is strictly prohibited to use inclined lifting and horizontal dragging tools, and it is strictly prohibited to lift objects through the heads of personnel. It is also strictly prohibited to lift heavy objects on the hook tip or if the hook is not securely fastened.

Check if the lifting equipment meets the requirements and do not use it under overload. The additional load has been indicated on the hook nameplate. Do not lift items that exceed the additional load.

The limit is a safety device to prevent the lifting of the hook, and it is strictly prohibited to use the limit as a switch.

It is strictly prohibited to hang the load in the air for a long time. After completing the work, open the electric hoist to the fixed position and cut off the power.

Regularly inspect the electrical connections, cables, limiters, braking devices, and other parts of the hoist to ensure the normal operation and safety performance of the equipment.

Comply with environmental restrictions and ensure that the equipment operates in a compliant environment, such as temperature, humidity, gases, etc. When using explosion-proof electric hoists in flammable and explosive environments, effective fire and explosion prevention measures should be taken, such as avoiding contact between equipment and combustible materials, providing sufficient ventilation, etc.

When there are two or more explosion-proof hoists on the same track, anti-collision buffer devices should be installed between the explosion-proof hoists. The outer surface of the hook device should be equipped with a warning sign "No Collision".

The steel wire rope or chain should be reliably lubricated, and there should be no wire breakage on the surface of the steel wire rope. Exposed steel wires that may cause friction sparks should be replaced in a timely manner.

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