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What happened when the electric chain hoist suddenly stopped moving during use

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1. The motor end of the chain electric hoist is more than 10% lower than the rated voltage, which may cause the lifting torque of the motor to be too small, and the hoist cannot move the goods and cannot work. In this situation, you can first measure the voltage to see if it is lower than the actual voltage. If the voltage is too low and the motor cannot start, you need to wait for the voltage to stabilize before continuing to use.

2. The motor sweeping the chamber will prevent the motor from rotating, which will also prevent the electric hoist from lifting the weight properly. The motor rotor should be removed to check for any phenomenon of motor sweeping, and the problem of sweeping should be resolved in a timely manner.

3. The brake part of the motor is blackened, and the lifting weight cannot be lifted up or down. This is because after long-term use, the motor may experience brake wear and looseness. It is generally recommended to check the brake and replace the brake pads in a timely manner.

4. The motor is burnt out. After encountering situations such as cleaning the chamber and loosening the brake, the use of the motor becomes worse, which can also accelerate the occurrence of motor burnout. When encountering motor burnout, the only option is to replace the motor.

5. The newly installed hoist did not respond even after being powered on. This is because the gourd is equipped with a phase sequence protector inside, and only two power lines need to be replaced arbitrarily.

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