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What kind of chain bag does a chain electric hoist come with

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We all know that the key load-bearing position of the electric chain hoist is the transmission chain, so the transmission chain bag is one of the crucial equipment in the electric chain hoist. The existence of the chain bag can not only solve the aesthetic design of the electric chain hoist, but also extend its service life.

When selecting an electric hoist chain bag, it is necessary to purchase a suitable canvas or steel chain belt based on the lift of the chain bag. Choose a suitable wired or wireless remote control based on the tonnage of the electric chain hoist and the operating trolley.

The actual operating voltage of the electric chain hoist remote control is 24V/36V low-voltage electricity. If using a button controller for actual operation of the crane, please also use a crane control box.

Electric chain hoists are usually equipped with practical operation controllers such as limiters and flame arresters. When using multiple electric chain hoists on the same track, it may cause collisions between them, so it is necessary to assemble a buffer device.


1. Prevent chemical changes that can cause rust and damage the quality of the electric hoist transmission chain when stored in a damp environment.

2. It should not be placed in areas with high temperatures or direct sunlight. When exposed to direct sunlight, the environmental temperature on the surface of the electric hoist transmission chain will rise, causing thermal expansion and contraction, changing the physical properties of the transmission chain and causing damage or tooth loss during use.

3. Placing the ring chain electric hoist transmission chain in an environment with corrosive compounds can severely corrode the surface of the sprocket chain. Generally, most of the transmission chains used in corrosive environments are galvanized or nickel plated.

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